Art bartering in East London

photo: Art Barter

photo: Art Barter

Results will be announced this week of an art bartering event in Whitechapel where members of the public bought contemporary art by means other than money.A thousand people flocked to east London this weekend, where the Rag Factory art space hosted the event following the age-old tradition of exchanging goods rather than money for artworks.

A wide variety of artists participated in the event, many of whom have exhibited in places such as the Tate and White Cube gallery. The artworks were anonymously exhibited so people bartered for art that could have been invaluable works by artists including Tracey Emin, Gary Hume and Gavin Turk.

People bartered using a range of items including gourmet meals, holiday homes, piano and pole dancing lessons. Lauren Jones of Art Barter said: “All the feedback was very positive and it was a great success. It’s been amazing and inspiring how people have responded.”

Bartering in the art world is not a new phenomenon. Picasso often exchanged his sketches for meals and select YBAs have also known to receive tabs at The Ivy restaurant in London in exchange for artworks to put on the walls.

The results of who received what artwork for which offer will be available to see on this Friday.

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