Teenagers get expert advice from the A-Team

A Team Arts gets going Photo: A Team Arts

A Team Arts gets going Photo: A Team Arts

Teenagers in Tower Hamlets will today embark on a non-profit project that will help them gain experience of the performing arts.

The organiser, ‘A’ Team Arts turned 30 in 2009, and this summer will see a special performance to celebrate their jubilee. It will be stylized to fit the trends of the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s – the three decades during which the organisation helped youths.

The House of Talent project gives a rare chance for young people from the largely disadvantaged area of London to improve their skills, and make a step on the career ladder.

“Apart from learning skills associated with those different skills they can also get a Bronze Art Award alongside the project,” Geraldine Bone, the Youth Team Manager told ELL.

This is a nationally recognised accreditation, and although Bone claims the organisation has not produced any stars yet, the programme has certainly helped young people get jobs.

Although ‘A’ Team Arts works mostly with regulars, it is now open to recruit new members.

The necessary criterion for young people is that they are aged between thirteen and nineteen and live or study in the borough of Tower Hamlets.

A series of workshops will commence today and run through to the end of March.

The final piece will be performed at the Paradise Gardens in Victoria Park this June.

Young people will have a chance to gain some knowledge in music, dance, drama, and fashion.

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