for my office angel

Every monday morning I walk with longing

towards my 9am meeting

your peach painted nails pick cups at the water cooler

as I peer through the holes in my mdf walls.

Coffee break!   Red bites of donut, cinamon-spiced, sugar-lipped,

oh to be the sugar coating on your morning snack.

you pencil cryptic squiggles,  your face illuminated by the photocopier glow.

your arms shimmer with the incandescent yellow of  low watt strobes.

I long to sit and share a sandwich.  head bobs and corridor greetings no longer satisfy.

your stiletto heels tap tap away,

you vanish with my heart each 5.30 sunset. your colourful Post-Its- the only tangible momento.

your pink perfume hangs in the air.

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