Night Stalker ‘would rather admit offences’

Photo: rafaelmarquez, flickr

A man accused of being the ‘night stalker’ has suggested he would rather admit to the attacks than go to prison.

Delroy Grant, 53, of Brockley Mews, is accused of attacking elderly victims across south-east London, between 1992 and 2009.

Civilian officer, Kevin Madjid, said Grant told him that he “would rather admit to any offences than go to court and be stuck back in a police station”.

Grant, currently on trial at Woolwich Crown Court, denies committing any of the offences that he has been charged with, which include burglaries as well as sexual attacks. He was taken into custody in November 2009 after undercover officers followed him from the home of a disabled 86-year-old in Croydon.

One of the ‘night stalker’s’ victims describes being “absolutely petrified” when she was awoken in the night by her attacker. Another woman required hospital treatment for internal injuries sustained during her attack.

In 1992, when the crimes began, the attacker quickly became known in the media as the ‘night stalker’, as the elderly victims were solely attacked at night.

At the beginning of the trial, Grant suggested DNA evidence against him was that of his own son when the police interviewed him. He maintains that evidence against him was planted at scenes, later suggesting his ex-wife framed him.

The majority of the ‘night stalker’s’ victims were single women, although he also attacked men. A male victim said he “prayed for a quick death” following his assault. The attacks were centred around the Croydon area, and the ‘night stalker’ has over 100 attacks attributed to him.

The ‘night stalker’s’ youngest victim was 68 and the eldest was 93. He would often talk with his victims for hours after laying in wait in their gardens, then assault them and steal valuables.

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