Police use fines in bid to crack down on cyclists

Cyclists fined. Photo: movingtargetzine, flickr

The Police have introduced fines and other measures to stop cyclists jumping red lights and driving dangerously in the traffic.

In an operation launched in Hackney last weekend, cyclists were stopped for ignoring road laws and to be given advice on riding safely. The cyclists who had broken the rules were either given a 30 pounds fine or the option of attending a cycling education event.

Cycle Task Force Inspector Graham Horwood said: “The joint Metropolitan Police Service and Transport for London Cycle Task Force is committed to tackling anti-social road use including jumping red lights, cycling on the pavement and advanced stop lines.”

Metropolitan Police and Transport for London have created a team that is dedicated especially to promote cycling safety and educate road users. The campaign includes an ‘Exchanging Places’ event, which gives drivers the opportunity to swap places so they can gain an understanding of what being in the traffic is like for someone riding a bike.

In the past lorry and bus drivers have been blamed for many cycling accidents, but as the issue has received more exposure recently it has become accepted that cyclists need to share the responsibility on the roads.

Inspector Horwood said: “The Cycle Task Force will continue to organize targeted operations to encourage considerate, safe and lawful behavior from all road users.


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