Overground works mean sleepless nights for locals

Boris Johnson

Boris opens the line, pic John Sturrock

Lewisham residents are enduring sleepless nights as Transport For London carries out noisy rail construction works during the early hours of the morning on the East London Line overground extension.

TFL is extending London Overground services from Dalston Junction to Clapham Junction via Surrey Quays and, according to residents living in the area, they are carrying out the work at night.

The noise pollution caused by construction works at Oldfield Grove takes place between the hours of 1am and 5am and “to the tune of 100 plus decibels” according to Lewisham resident, Thea Barnes.

Barnes told EastLondonLines: “It is not alright to disturb the peace by using a jackhammer at two in the morning.”

“One could empathise with the workmen and assume the use of the jackhammer was probably the best and easiest option for the work being done, but using such tools at night is disrespectful and inconsiderate”, she added.

Karolina Rokicka, who also lives in the affected area, said: “I would really appreciate if they could find quieter ways to do it as waking up at night or not being able to fall asleep is exhausting when you have work in the morning.”

The first disturbance occurred on 25 September and the second on 12 October. Residents also had to endure the noise in the morning of 19 October without any notice provided at all.

An apology was issued by TFL which read: “We apologise to local residents for any disturbance these works may have caused, however they are essential to complete the new link to Clapham junction which will bring significant benefits to the area.”

A TfL spokesperson added: “As the location of the works is next to the operational railway, it is necessary that these works take place either through a weekend suspension or late at night between 1am and 5am when there are no services running and the power has been switched off.”

The work started on 19 September and was supposed to be finished by 18 October. However, a TFL spokesperson told EastLondonLines: “Although no dates have been set it is likely that there will be further engineering works to complete the works between the new railway extension and the existing track. As soon as this has been confirmed, residents will be notified.”





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