BBC names Hackney heroine as face of August

A still from the YouTube video

A Hackney woman made famous after a YouTube video showed her lambasting rioters in August has been named by the BBC as one of the faces who made the headlines this year.

The BBC, who released the annual “female faces of the year” list on Wednesday, crowned Pauline Pearce the face of August, praising her for her “heartfelt speech” as well as previous campaigns against gang culture in east London.

Mother of four Pearce was dubbed the Hackney heroine when she denounced Hackney rioters, telling youths they made her feel “ashamed to be a Hackney person”.

The video of Pearce became an internet sensation attracting more than a million views.

After berating rioters, Pearce then saved a young male from being beaten up by a mob, despite using a walking stick herself.

Other winners of the award were Tottenham girl Adele for her top-selling February album, “21” and Sarah Burton who designed Kate Middleton’s dress for the royal wedding in April.

Sweetie the giant panda who landed in Edinburgh earlier this month was awarded the December title.

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