The Wenlock Arms issued with notice for demolition

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The owners of a Hackney pub The Wenlock Arms have served it with a notice for demolition despite the council’s rejection of a development plan.

EastLondonLines reported in October that the Hackney Planning Committee rejected a planning application to turn the 250-year-old pub into flats, due to its “historical value and architectural character.” But a notice of intent to demolish was pinned on the door of the pub on Wednesday.

The owners do not need permission from Hackney Council to demolish the pub as it is not a listed building. Under the 1984 Building Act, the owners only have to give the council 6 weeks notice before demolition and display a notice on the pub 21 days prior.

The Wenlock Arms falls just short of the conservation area that covers various parts of Hoxton and Shoreditch.

The Save the Wenlock campaign began in September 2010 following news that the pub was closing. Since then, people from all over London have supported the campaign, which is now reaching its crucial stage.

Insa Haiss, 43, a graphic designer who confesses to have fallen in love with the pub, believes that gaining support from London’s celebrities is the only way to save her cherished Wenlock Arms.

She said: “I’ve sent letters to tons of celebrities who are linked to the Hoxton pub scene: Al Murray filmed part of his stand-up show here last year, Noel Fielding and Neil Morrissey love this pub too.

“I’ve even written to David Beckham because his grandad used to be regular here”.

Haiss added the 21-day demolition notice is of particular concern, as bands are booked to perform at the pub throughout January.

Charles Moran from CMA Planning Ltd told EastLondonLines they had no further dealings with the owners since the planning application was rejected, and are not aware whether the owners will appeal the council’s decision.

Hackney Council yesterday told the Save the Wenlock campaign that they had not received an appeal from the owners, but confirmed they “will still reject anything involving change of use.”

Steven Barnes and John Williams, owners of the property, were unable to comment at this time.

More information about the Save The Wenlock campaign can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


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