[Video] Green Assembly candidate Caroline Allen

Pic: Tom ChlebikCaroline Allen is the Green Party candidate for the North East constituency. She told EastLondonLines about her campaign.



Her pledges

• Continue the work of Green Party assembly members Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson: “They’ve really made a great impact in that role – they’ve been able to make lives better for Londoners.”

• Hold the Mayor to account on issues such as air quality: “The Mayor has really failed on this and the situation is getting worse and worse.”

• Address inequality in areas like Islington and Hackney: “Living in Islington, it’s really somewhere where you see the damaging effects of inequality.”

• Support smaller local businesses, invest in job creation and ensure corporations pay their taxes, instead of cutting services

• Invest in green technology including hybrid buses, and lower transport fares.

EastLondonLines asked Allen what should be done to create jobs for young people in areas like Hackney.

She also discussed the Green Party’s other policies and campaigns, including cleaner air for London and their recent campaign to reduce speed limits to 20mph on residential roads in Hackney.

A vet and community campaigner, Allen has been a member of the Green Party for six years.


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