[Video] Labour Assembly member Len Duvall

pic: Anurag Tagat

Greenwich and Lewisham’s current Labour Party assembly member Len Duvall spoke to EastLondonLines about his campaign.



His pledges

• Transport – reduce “unnecessary” fare increases

• Increase police numbers; serious youth violence is on the rise, which needs to be challenged

• Infrastructure projects – upgrade river-crossings to improve access between North and South London

• Environment – clean air, advice to help people reduce their fuel bills and recycle, new recycling policies

• Housing – decent landlords and fairer rents; more houses for rent

Duvall spoke about the Occupy movement and the recent occupation of a number of buildings by Lewisham People Before Profit.

The Labour candidate also told us why he should return for a fourth term as Assembly member for Greenwich and Lewisham.

A councillor for Greenwich from 1990 to 2001, Duvall has retained his seat in the assembly since he was first elected in 2000.

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