[Video] LibDem candidate Richard MacMillan

Pic: Raziye Akkoc

EastLondonLines spoke to Richard Macmillan, Liberal Democrat Assembly candidate for City and East, about his campaign.

In the video below, he talks about what should be done to improve road safety in Tower Hamlets, and why he deserves your vote.

His pledges:

  • Lobby to disband the new buses so that money could be reinvested in reducing fares as much as we can.”
  • There are a lot of perks that Tfl senior employees have that could be heavily reduced [as well].”
  • One hour bus pass so that multiple buses can be ridden within a set time.
  • Counter unemployment through encouraging business and entrepreneurship;
  • Work closely with police to target homophobic attacks.
  • Segregate cycle lanes from main roads/car lanes to improve road safety
  • lobby councils to reduce business rates and make Tower Hamlets an easier place to invest.

“There’s a lot that the Assembly can do to promote London as a place to invest and to do business. In Tower Hamlets, we’ve got growing creative industries, for example with fashion and other artistic crafts that could really be developed. We should really encourage that.”

MacMillan went on to talk about what he could do to decrease transport fares and stop homophobia. He says: “I believe in helping the poorest in society to reach their full potential, and if I am elected I will do all I can to lobby the Mayor and central government to improve the living standards of local people.”

Macmillan is an employment lawyer who was brought up in York, studied at Warick, and now resides in Bow. He previously ran in the local elections for Bethnal Green North and will be running in the Spitalfields by-election in April following the imprisonment of former independent councillor, Shelina Akhtar. He has completed the Dublin marathon and several half marathons.

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