[Video] Tory Assembly candidate Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson pic: Anurag Tagat

Alex Wilson, the Conservative candidate for Lewisham and Greenwich, told EastLondonLines about his campaign.




His pledges

• More police on the streets – 1,000 extra police, single patrolling, increased police presence

• Improving transport – the construction of Crossrail will “completely change the way this part of London travels”

• Better road transport , including the Silvertown Link

• Allowing people to recycle more glass paper and plastic; more education about recycling, and more street bins for waste and recycling

With the recent occupation of a number of properties in Lewisham, Wilson spoke about the action by Lewisham People Before Profit.

Wilson also discussed crime and policing, transport and the regeneration of areas such as Catford in Lewisham.

Currently a ward councillor for Blackheath Westcombe, Wilson also works as a surveyor and chartered planner in Lewisham and Greenwich.




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