[Video] UKIP Assembly candidate Steven Woolfe

Pic: Raziye Akkoc

EastLondonLines talked to  Steven Woolfe, the UK Independence Party’s London Assembly candidate for City and East, about his campaign.




His pledges

• Hold the Mayor to tackling youth unemployment by “reducing regulation, encouraging jobs to stay here,” and all other options possible.

• “A freeze, if we could, for at least two years on all tube fares.”

•  “We’d like to look at the costs of parking. We believe we can try and encourage small business and work for the people who have limited incomes by having free parking across all the boroughs on Saturday evenings and all day on Sundays.”

• “We must do a lot more” to ensure the safety of cyclists, including extending cycling lanes where it is “sensible and possible.”

• “A fresh choice for London” not allied with traditional political parties.

In the video below, Woolfe explains what should be done to help reduce youth unemployment and transport fares low, and why he deserves your vote.

Woolfe, from Pimlico, is a financial services barrister and City spokesman for the party. He was previously a Conservative councillor in North Wales in 2002, before joining UKIP nearly two years ago.

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