London statues transformed in Michael Gardner’s collection

Pic: Hungarian Script

Emergence, the eye-catching solo debut by London photographer Michael Gardner, is the newest collection adorning the white walls of The Gallery London – a  cultural haven on Hither Green Lane.

Using ordinary photos of iconic London statues then transforming them with bold splashes of colour, Gardner aims to inspire and amaze: “I want people to enjoy my art and hopefully find their own motivation to get creative too…I want people to go ‘wow’”.

The gallery is offering exhibition space to artists at no charge. Gardner said: “Having a physical presence is so valuable to a budding artist like myself…this is an amazing chance for amateur artists to showcase their work and get exposure.”

Which is exactly what Gallery manager Larissa Martin aims to achieve: “Our main focus is on new artist promotion,” she said.

The gallery even goes a step further by assisting with targeted publicity campaigns as well as social media marketing, helping those new to the business to promote their own brand.

All of Gardner’s pieces are up for sale for those keen to buy. For those who are not, he welcomes feedback from patrons.

Emergence will be on display until 31st October.

The Gallery London and café is open Wednesday to Sunday 11 to 4 at 132 Hither Green Lane SE13 6QA.

By Laura Liszewski

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