Residents fear the return of Brockley flasher

Flasher Beware

A flasher has again been spotted in Brockley, exposing himself to young women.

A 25-year old local resident contacted EastLondonLines after seeing a man exposing himself on Pepys Road in the early hours of Saturday morning when walking home with a friend.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said it was not the first time she had encountered a flasher in the area, and she has urged other women experiencing similar incidents to report them to the police.

She said: “I was walking home around 2am when I saw a man lying down naked exposing himself. This is the third time I have encountered this around Telegraph Hill and it’s making me and other girls feel very unsafe walking home at night”

Whether it is just one offender or many, it is really bothering that this is still happening despite having been reported to the police so many times.”

Metropolitan Police confirmed that a report of an alleged incident of indecent exposure at Pepys Road had been received on Saturday morning. A spokesperson for Lewisham Police said officers did attend the scene but there was no trace of the man.

EastLondonLines reported on a series of similar incidents in the residential areas of Brockley and New Cross last year. After an alert on social networking sites, victims reported the incidents to the police and an investigation was conducted in November last year. 

In March this year a 46-year old man from Catford was charged with three offences. He pleaded guilty at Bromley Magistrates Court on June 19 to three counts of exposure.

The Metropolitan Police said they could not give any further comments on the incident on Saturday.

If you do see a flasher try to remain calm and not to react in any way. It is usually the reaction that they are after.

Eastlondonlines urge you to tweet @eastlondonlines #flasher if you see anyone exposing themselves in the area, and of course to contact the police.

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