Brick Lane beer to be brought back to Tower Hamlets

Trumans beer pumps. Pic: Trumans

After more than 20 years without a home, Brick Lane’s Truman’s Beer is returning to east London, its new owners announced this week.

Owners James Morgan and Michael-George Hemus have settled on Stour Road in Hackney Wick as the perfect location for the brewery, after almost a year of searching.

Morgan, who has purchased and revived the Truman’s name with Hemus, said: “It’s really difficult to find a good site.

“We needed a location that was interesting and had an atmosphere about it, but that also had all the practical, manufacturing based aspects as well.

“We found all of that in Stour Road. We are really, really pleased to be in such a vibrant area, one that’s exploding with interesting things. I read about or see something new happening every day.”

Truman’s beer was first created over 300 years ago in 1666 on Brick Lane. The last Truman’s brewery in London closed its’ doors back in 1989 after Grand Metropolitan, now known as Diaego, won a bidding war for it in 1971 but were later forced to shut.

Whilst Truman’s has been available across many of London’s watering holes, it has been manufactured outside the capital for the past two years. Both Nethergate of Essex and now Everards of Leicestershire have brewed the beer.

The Stour Road site will open in March 2013, meaning east Londoners can soon have a pint of the ale brewed on their own doorstep.

Ale fan or not, a desire by consumers to “support something local” has emerged, says Morgan, which is partly responsible for the “huge growth” he has seen in smaller breweries across the UK in the past five years.

Morgan said: “I think that [nowadays] people want to be connected to everything they’re buying, not just beer. They want to know where it comes from, what’s in it and who makes it.”

Truman’s return to east London follows the creation of an East End guild to support local businesses.


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