ELL Live Blog: Goldsmiths and Queen Mary students join thousands in central London for Demo 2012 protest

Pic: James Mitchell

Eastlondonlines will be live blogging throughout the day, updating the live map as we go.

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[error]That’s all from Eastlondonlines, we are wrapping up the live blog now on what has been a very wet and cold protest. See below for Eastlondonlines’ coverage on the comparatively more dramatic student demo in 2010.[/error]

Live Coverage of NUS demo 2010

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Carnival of resistance photo gallery

3.26pm- The march has ended and protesters are now dispersing from Kennington Park, according to Tomas Jivanda, Eastlondonlines reporter:

Pic: Tomas Jivanda via Twitter






3.15pm- TWITTER REPORTS from end of rally:

Pic: Tomas Jivanda via Twitter






Pic: The Student Newspaper via Twitter

3.12pm- Stage invasion at the rally in Kennington Park

3.02pm- NUS President Liam Burns is met with boos from the crowd as he begins his speech at the rally in Kennington Park


2.55pm- Placards discarded in Kennington Park

Pic: Oscar Quine for ELL












2.52pm- Reports on Twitter of anti-NUS sentiments

Chants in Kennington Park:

“NUS shame on you, where the fuck have you brought us to.”


2.42pm- Reports of anti-NUS sentiments

NUS stewards lining the route with the Metropolitan Police, are met with complaints from protesters about the route and timing of the march

Pic: Oscar Quine for ELL












2.35pm- The front of the march has reached Kennington Park, ready for the rally

Pic: Tomas Jivanda for ELL






Pic: Heather Saul for ELL












2.23pm-  Chants along the Kennington Road:

“NUS, you’re useless.”

“It’s cold, it’s wet and we’re in loads of debt.”


2.19pm- The rain is having a dampening effect on the march as it progresses down Kennington Road. Protesters retreat into coffee shops and pubs.


2.14pm- Estate Agents Bernard Marcus take advantage of the ‘passing trade’ on Kennington Road

Pic: Heather Saul via Twitter






2.12pm- The march has largely broken up as students walk down Kennington Road


2.05pm- Lutfur Rahman, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, tweets his solidarity with protestors

Pic: Lutfur Rahman via Twitter






2.02pm- The end of the march is passing under Waterloo Station, according to Eastlondonlines reporter Tomas Jivanda.

Pic: Ignite Magazine


















1.59pm- Heather Saul reports no disturbances at the front of the march on Kennington Lane

A police liaison officer, said: “I’ve been at the front of the march, really well planned, people have been demonstrating peacefully and just getting on with their demonstration, although I think there were some problem near Westminster.”


1.52pm- Reports from LBC radio of violent outbursts at Westminster 


1.50pm- The Metropolitan Police report no issues at this stage

Pic: Metropolitan Police via Twitter







1.44pm- Students are moving to avoid a police blockade, the rear of the march is now moving across Westminster Bridge

Pic: Nicola Keaney via Twitter










1.41pm- Kevin Rawlinson (@kevinjrawlinson) has tweeted a 360 degree view of his view of the march

View video here

1.35pm- Heather Saul speaks to a student from Cleveland College of Art as the protest moves onto Kennington Road 

“We’re here because they are cutting arts funding and cutting it out of the curriculum, we’re from Cleveland College of Art and Design. I think the demonstration has been ok so far, but a bit slow.”  

Lucy, student at Cleveland College of Art

1.28pm- Students are being urged to cross the bridge but the majority are staying outside Parliament


1.23pm – Anonymous policeman says the march is going well

1.17pm- Rumour Mill

Rumours on twitter indicate that the sit in on Westminster Bridge has been abandoned and was never over 30 people


1.14pm- Tomas Jivanda reports the first sign of trouble 

Protesters scuffle with police who are trying to direct the march over the bridge


1.12pm- Rumours on twitter of split in the march

Half are staying at Houses of Parliament and half are continuing on the planned route


1.10pm- Rumours on twitter say there is a small sit in on Westminster Bridge 

Pic: Heather Saul for ELL












1.06pm- Protesters wear masks outside Big Ben

Pic: Heather Saul for ELL












Pic: The Journal via Twitter

















1.00pm- Main march is now moving across Westminster bridge


12.58pm- The main march has paused near Parliament Square, ready to cross Westminster bridge


12.48pm- Tomas Jivanda reporting from the front of the march

“March is still very peaceful and spirited as it moves towards Big Ben”


12.44pm- Heather Saul, reporting for Eastlondonlines, spoke to a police officer outside Somerset House

There are eight core police units policing today, with at least 21 officers in each.



Pic: Feyzi Ismail via Twitter























12.35pm- Protesters are met with support from Waterloo Bridge

Pic: Heather for ELL










12.33pm-  The front of the march is going past Embankment station now


12.26pm- Queen Mary students continue past Somerset house, chanting “education for the masses, not just for the ruling classes.”


12.20pm- There are reports of chants about Syria and Gaza, not just student issues 

Pic: Heather Saul for ELL











12.17pm- Heather Saul reports as march moves from Temple. Police have blocked the roads on Victoria Embankment

Pic: Heather Saul for ELL











11.45am- Temple is packed with people, says Eastlondonlines reporter Heather Saul

Pic: Heather Saul for ELL










11.58am– There are reports of a police presence

11.39am- Charing Cross to Embankment

Chants from protesters: “Cameron is a wanker he wears a silk cravat, he took a look at the welfare state and said I ain’t having that ”

11.34am- Tomas Jivanda is with Goldsmiths students along the route. 
Don’t forget to check out our live mapping of the march above!
11.30am- Students are marching from Charing Cross to Embankment:
“I think it’s important to show that we’re still not happy with the changes made two years ago and when students are graduating with thousands of pounds worth of debt into a job market with no opportunities we need to show that we won’t take it lying down.”
Conor Pope, Chair of Goldsmiths Labour Society, English Literature third year.

11.14am- Eastlondonlines reporter Tomas Jivanda is with students from Goldsmiths, University of London, on the train towards Temple


“I’m marching because the gov are bringing in massive cuts to education. There’s so many different fights, today’s about linking them up and showing we’re still here.”

Tom Sinden, Sociology student, 2nd year

“I’m marching because I think education is a basic human right and I don’t think we should pay for human rights.”

Jasmine Ferrari, Social and Cultural studies student, 1st year

“We should march because the cuts to higher education effect so many students, will prevent so many young people from fulfilling their aspirations and getting ahead in life. For the next generation the debt is going to be astronomical. We need to link it up with the wider cuts – on Saturday is the lewisham A and E demo.”

Samson Osun, President Goldsmiths Students Union

11.05am- Queen Mary students on their way to Temple for the start of the march

11.00am- Students begin their journey from Queen Mary to Temple 

10.58am- Queen Mary University, Mile End

‘They say cut back we say fight back!’- students chanting as they walk out of Queen Mary towards Temple

10.55am- Queen Mary University, Mile End

Protesters say they are expecting a quarter of library staff to be made redundant by next year

10.46am- Heather Saul sends photo from Queen Mary University’s pre-demo meeting:

Pic: Heather Saul for ELL

10.28am- Students assembled at Queen Mary University speak to Eastlondonlines:

Bilal English, second year student, said: “Its my first demo. I’d like to read more about the issues people want to raise here to be able to make a judgement on it, we should really be getting to grips with the details.”

Ikram, third year Politics student, said:  “I’m against austerity, I’m a Marxist and I know austerity doesn’t work, in terms of the way the government monopolises state owned aspects of the society. It’s detrimental to our society. People say we live in a representative democracy – I dispute that. Last demonstration there was more of a resilience to it. I think a lot of people are preoccupied with Israel.”

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