‘Pop-up’ homes proposed by Hackney architects

Artist’s impression of the exterior. Pic: HAWSE

Redundant garages in east London could soon be made into temporary accommodation for homeless people following a recent design competition held by a housing charity.

Architects at the award-winning Hackney studio Levitt Bernstein entered a competition called ‘Home’ run by Building Trust International, a charity that focuses on sustainable design for areas that need it the most.

The competition asked for designs for single person dwellings costing less than £20k.

Levitt Bernstein’s concept would transform east London’s empty garages into temporary council housing.

Georgina Revell, an architect working on the project described the motivation behind the design.

“Housing requirements have changed over the years. Owning a car in inner cities is no longer the norm and the costs associated often make it prohibitive.

“Developing garage sites into much needed housing is now being widely considered.”

Artist’s impression of interior. Pic: HAWSE

The architects involved have also suggested an accompanying apprenticeship scheme aimed at teaching the construction methods involved to homeless people.

Revell said: “Building through a local apprenticeship scheme brings skills to potential inhabitants, offers affordable labour and gives a personal sense of connection to and ownership of the site.”

“It’s a temporary solution. The size is based on a room similar to student halls. They would be occupied for a short amount of time as an alternative to patchy hostel accommodation or shared housing which is an unsuitable and unattractive option for many.”

Levitt Bernstein are now in discussion with charities and councils, and are hoping to take their concept through to completion.

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