Election result in Lewisham: Labour are Victorious

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A whisker away from the results! Pic: Weidong Lin

It was an overwhelming victory for Labour in Lewisham, winning the Mayoral election and almost all of the Council seats wiping out the Liberal Democrats as well as the two Conservative council members in Grove Park.

Steve Bullock was elected  Mayor, winning 50.77%​ of the overall vote with 36,659 votes.

The party achieved similar success in the Local Councillor elections,winning 53 of the total 54 seats in the borough. They could have cleaned the house if it weren’t for elected councillor John Coughlin who held the seat in Brockley for the Greens.

There was a 37.2% turnout in the Mayoral election. Out of 196,609 people eligible to vote, 73,204 went to the ballot boxes. (Source: Lewisham Council)

You can see a full list of the results as they happened on our live blog below.

Pic: Sandra Glab


03:13 Thank you for joining us and for following @eastlondonlines.

03:10 So there you have it. Count in Lewisham is done.

03:00 Successfully elected candidates for Sydenham: Chris Best (2,341 votes), Liam Curran (1,705) and Rachel Onikosi (1,684 votes); all Labour.

Pic: Sandra Glab

Sydenham Count. Pic: Sandra Glab


02:57 Last but not least: Sydenham.

02:52 Elected to serve Forest Hill:
Labour councillors Milena Hilton (2,115 votes) Peter Bernards (1,945) and Paul Upex (1,814).

02:52 Forest Hill is being declared.

02:51 And then there were two…

02:46 Bellingham results: Labour councillors Alan Hall (1,819 votes), Ami Ibitson (1,690) and Jacq Paschoud (1,505).

02:43 Drum roll for Bellingham…

02:40 Awaiting results for Bellingham ward as well

02:30 Remaining wards: Sydenham and Forest Hill. Results are expected within the next hour.

02:28 Perry Vale successfully elected candidates: John Paschoud (2,212 votes), Alan Till (1,961) and Susan Wise (1,942); another victory for the Labour Party.

02:21 Perry Vale results are about to be announced.

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02:15 Four more wards to go!

01:50 Technology is pulling tricks, but nevermind… Here are the results for Whitefoot:

Janet Daby (1,851 votes), Mark Ingleby (1,651) and Jonathan Slater (1,444); all Labour.

01:45 Hang in there, we’re halfway through!

01:35 Successfully elected candidates for Rushey Green: Helen Klier (1784 votes), John Muldoon (1,453) and James Walsh (1,246); all Labour Party.

01:28 Ladywell: Bill Brown, Liz Johnston-Franklin and Carl Handley of the Labor Party.

01:25 Ladywell results are next.

01:18 Telegraph Hill has elected Labour councillors as well. Paul Bell (2,153 votes), Joan Millbank (2,278) and Luke Sorba (1,761) are the successful candidates.

01:15 Telegraph Hill Ward results in a tick.

01:12 Blackheath Ward has elected Labour councillors Kevin Bonavia (1,780 votes), Amanda De Ryk (1,656) and Gareth Siddorn (1,370).

01:10 Here we go, Blackheath!

1:05 Crofton Park results: Chris Barnham (2,057 votes), Pauline Morrison (1,969) and Roy Kennedy (1,753); Labour.

01:02 Official results for Brockley:

Labour Party successful candidates: Jimi Adefiranye (2,052 votes); Alicia Kennedy (1,828).
Green Party successful candidate: John Coughlin (1,495 votes).

00:52 Labour Party candidates successfully elected for Brockley Ward.


00:45 Results for Lewisham Central: Labour councillors Stella Jeffrey (2,514 votes), Damien Egan (2,412) and Joani Reid (2,085).

00:40 Results are speeding up!

00:40 Successfully elected candidates for Evelyn ward David Michael (1,930 votes), Jamie Milne (1,743) and Crada Onuegbu (1,571); Labour Party.

00:35 Evelyn Ward has elected Labour councillors as well.

00:31 Next: Evelyn Ward.

00:30 Elected councillors for Catford South: Skip Amrani (2,177 votes), Alan Smith (1,975) and Eva Stamirowski (1,952); Labour Party.

00:25 Catford: Labour Party.

00:20 New Cross Ward full results: councillors Brenda Dacres (1,862 votes), Joe Dromey (1,688) and Paul Maslin (1,342) of the Labour Party.

00:15 New Cross has elected Labour Party councillors.

00:00 Lee Green elected Labour councillors Jim Mallory (2,156 votes), Simon Hooks (1,973) and Pat Raven (1,598).

23:55 Labour Party candidates win Lee Green Ward.

23:50 Up next: Lee Green results.

23:47 Labour Party Suzannah Clarke (1,732 votes), Hilary Moore (1,288) and Colin Elliott (1,222) are the successfully elected candidates for Grove Park.

23:40 Coming up: results for Grove Park Ward.

11:30 First Councillor election results.
For Downham: Labour councillors Andre Bourne (1,366 votes), David Britton (1,315) and Olurotimi Ogunbadewa (1,029).

11:25 Your patience shall be rewarded shortly. Expecting first results in a few minutes.

23:10 Anytime now. Stay tuned!

23:00 UPDATE: First Councillor election results in ten minutes.

22:55 Results are to be delayed. Counting’s still underway.

22:25 Expecting results within the next hour.

22:10 No results yet, but we’ll keep you on the loop.

21:50 Results of the Local Councillor election will be declared incrementally by Ward.

21:30 Counting underway.

21:05 Total eligible electorate: 196,609
Turnout: 72,204 (32.2%).

20:50 Counting staff at Lewisham are working full throttle. So are we! Follow us @eastlondonlines

20:45 Councillor votes are being counted.

20:30 The Mayor of Lewisham secured reelection with 36,659 votes (more than 50%).

20:15 Sir Steve Bullock’s first impressions after winning the Mayoral Election:

20:10 We spoke to Sir Steve Bullock, Labour Party, and we’re crushing numbers for you. More info on the way.

19:50 Just declared: Sir Steve Bullock has been reelected Mayor of Lewisham.

19:45 Agents have been called. Declaration is a tick away.

19:35 Approaching the 50% mark. That’s 20 minutes to Declaration.

19:30 Lewisham count station is getting busier and busier. Join the conversation @eastlondonlines

19:20 Declaration is expected in half an hour.

18:55 First preference votes are still being counted.

18:45 Follow us Twitter @eastlondonlines #LewishamElections

18:35 Electoral figures in Lewisham: 196,609 people were eligible to vote. For this Mayoral Election, there was a turn out of 73,204 (37.2%). Source: Lewisham Council.

18:25 Results in Lewisham are expected within the hour.

The count is underway here in Lewisham! Pic: Sandra Glab

The count is underway here in Lewisham! Pic: Sandra Glab

18:15 Count is taking place at the South East London Army Cadet Force in Blackheath. We’ll keep you posted.

18:10 We’re now live from Lewisham. Count is underway and we’ll bring you all the information. Stay tuned!


The polls are now closed and no more votes may be cast in the borough of Lewisham.

The electoral count is now underway with results expected to be announced for the Mayoral election after 18.00 and results for the Local election after 22.00.

We are running a live blog covering the electoral count in Lewisham so stay with East London Lines for the most up-to-date coverage of the event.

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