Is Hither Green one of London’s hip villages?

Hither Green was recently named one of London’s up-and-coming hip villages in an article in the Sunday Times.

This is due to its proximity to Central London thanks to the fast rail links, its rising house prices and its unique boutiques. But how do Hither Green’s residents feel about the area’s new status? EastLondonLines finds out.


Lannie Krogh, 35. Pic: Radu Istrate

Lannie Kvogn, 35, PR consultant and stay at home mum, said: “I’ve only lived here for one year, but I can’t say that there’s a lot happening here. I think the area is too peaceful to be considered hip, which is not a bad thing at all. I used to live in Greenwich and I’m not sure that area is considered to be cool, but it’s way more animated. Hither Green does have two or three nice cafes, but I think it lacks a good restaurant or perhaps a few more shops.”


James Starsmore, 42. Pic: Radu Istrate

James Starsmore, 42, pub manager of The Station Hotel, said: “I think it has the beginnings of becoming a very hip place in London. We’ve been here for about two and a half years and we’ve invested heavily in this building, which was quite rundown, and not given the attention it deserves. The area has a very nice flower shop, which is also a café loved by the community. You just need to walk down the road and you can see very diverse businesses popping up everywhere and you can notice the transformation of this beautiful area. It definitely makes you feel like you’re in London.”


Alkan Aykum, 21. Pic: Radu Istrate

Alkan Aykum, 21, barber at MEM’S Barbers, said: “I think it’s a very nice area. Everyone is very cool, people smile at each other, the zone’s getting better by the day and I’m very happy to have the chance to work here. I believe that an area becomes hip thanks to the people that live in it and that’s definitely the case for Hither Green.”


Paul Cuthbert, 49. Pic: Radu Istrate

Paul Cuthbert, 49, training manager and blogger, said: “I wouldn’t necessarily call Hither Green a hip area. It’s only got one pub, one restaurant and I don’t think that’s enough. I think it can attract more people if more shops are opened up, more pubs and generally more places people would like to go to.”

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