#ELLHousingCrisis: How the Eastlondonlines housing crisis appears in graphics across the four boroughs

House prices in London soar Pic: Lars Ploughmann

Houses in the capital are in demand Pic: Lars Ploughmann

For the 8.3 million people living in Greater London the following infographics are more than just a few images. They are the difference between paying hundreds of pounds in rent, families being able to raise their children in the capital or even living in the areas they have done their whole lives.

They paint a deeply concerning picture of a city failing to provide for the vast majority of its residents, a city where multimillion-pound developments are becoming the norm.


Building Homes

In the 2014 London Housing Strategy Mayor Boris Johnson set a target of building 42,000 new homes in the capital every year. This represents a huge leap in building numbers on previous years, more than has been built in the capital on a consistent basis since the Victorian era.


House Prices

Everyone knows that house prices are rising but the scale is truly breath taking, with a median home in Hackney having quadrupled in value in just 16 years. The home would have earned £342,500 in total, £21,400 a year. That figure is higher than the median UK wage in 2010 (£20,801).


Where do Londoners live?

More and more of the capital’s citizens are finding themselves in the private rented sector, the 400,000 who were tenants paying market rates having more than doubled by 2011.


How much are ELL tenants spending on rent?

The average Londoner spends nearly half of their income on their housing and this figure is even higher in some boroughs.

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