#ELLGE2015 Students: with only 24 hours to go, make your vote go further with our guide to marginal seats

Five years of Cameron enough for you? Not a “Milifan”? Clegg’s U-turns making you dizzy? Alarmed by Farage’s rhetoric?

Whatever your political persuasion, take a few moments to get informed about the UK’s battleground constituencies before you head to the polls tomorrow.

18-24 year-olds make up more than enough of the electorate to decide the outcome of this general election. If you are a student registered at both your term-time address and at home, remember you can only vote once. You do, however, have the power to make it count for the most it possibly can – so choose your polling station wisely.

ELL has conveniently mapped out the thirty most marginal seats to help you decide where to cast your ballot in order to make the most impact.

Is your home address in any of the following constituencies?

Hampstead and Kilburn: Conservatives only need a 0.04 per cent swing in order to gain power. Don’t want Cameron in? Take the Overground north tomorrow to cast your ballot.

Warwickshire North: Labour needs just a 0.06 per cent swing to win the election from here. Want Miliband for PM? Put down your pint and take the bus up north.

Cambourne and Redruth: Liberal Democrats are looking for a 0.1 per cent swing in this constituency. Clegg promised not to raise tuition fees. Did he deliver? Cambourne and Redruth is only a train journey away.

Bolton West: Content with current policy? If you’re with the Tories, head to the north west as the Conservatives only need a 0.1 per cent swing here for the win.

Still not sure who to vote for? Take our quiz to decide which party represents you best.

Boundary map data courtesy of Philip Harrison, principalfish.co.uk

For information on how the data behind this article was collected see our methodology

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