99p Stores face court over mouse infestation allegations

99p Store on North End. Credit: Kate (Flickr).

99p Stores on North End Pic: Kate (Flickr).

Discount retailer 99p Stores will appear at Croydon Crown court next week accused of failing to prevent mouse infestation in two of their stores in south London.

Croydon Magistrates’ court heard on October 6 that one of two shops on North End and Church Street put food “unfit for human consumption” on sale.

Both shops have received food safety charges after hygiene inspectors from Croydon Council visited the two locations on August 8 and October 2 respectively.

99p Stores on Church Street. Credit: Kate (Flickr).

99p Stores on Church Street. Credit: Kate (Flickr).

The Church Street store was accused with “knowingly placing unsafe food on display for sale” when there was “active mouse infestation” at the premises.

The food was judged to be “injurious to health” and “unfit for human consumption”.

The other branch in North End was charged for not correctly storing and disposing of food, getting rid of waste and protecting food from pests.

The two shops also allegedly failed to prevent the spread of mouse droppings which could have lead to food contamination.

The family-run business, which was taken over by Poundland, received another charge for failing to keep the premises clean as there was “an accumulation of dirt and rubbish, poor management of waste and the premises were in a dirty condition and had not been adequately cleaned”.

The case will continue on October 20 at Croydon Crown Court.


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