New app created to tackle rubbish and litter on Tower Hamlets streets

Tower Hamlets is testing a ‘Smarter Streets’ app to tackle rubbish. Pic: Pooja Chhabria

Tower Hamlets Council is testing a new Smarter Streets app to tackle the growing menace of litter and fly-tipping.

Witnesses can report litter or fly-tipping to the council by scanning the QR code installed on the nearest street sign. The notification from the Smarter Streets app is geographically mapped, and the information is sent straight to a contractor to clean up.

Roy Ormsby, Service Head for Public Realm at Tower Hamlets Council said: “If the trial proves to be a success, we eventually want Smarter Streets to become the ‘go to’ way of contacting the council about rubbish on our streets.”

Screenshot: the ‘Find It, Fix It, Love It’ app aims to help keep the borough clean.

The new service is being piloted until February and covers neighbourhoods around Bromley North, Island Gardens and Stepney Green.

The ‘Smarter Streets’ app is available for download via Google Play or iTunes from the council’s own ‘Find it, Fix it, Love it’ smartphone app. Non-smartphone users can register their feedback by calling or texting on a free phone number that is listed on the QR code.

Meanwhile, Conservatives,  Lib-Dems and residents of Tower Hamlets have been venting out their anger over littered streets on Twitter. Here’s a selection:

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