Millwall planning row: key meeting postponed

Millwall FC's future in Lewisham is still uncertain.

Millwall’s The Den. Pic: Evgeniya Dolina.

A decision on controversial redevelopment plans for Millwall Football Club’s stadium has been postponed for the third time. Lewisham Council were due to discuss plans for the New Bermondsey land to be sold off to developers Renewal under a compulsory purchase order at a meeting of the Mayor and Cabinet scheduled for 6pm tonight.

In a last minute move however the meeting has been put off until an unspecified date in February and the club asked to provide more information about the impact of the proposed development plans on the club’s youth academy.

“The postponement is based on the legal advice. Certain concerns about the youth academy of the club have been raised. So we gave the club time until January 23 to respond and provide any additional information,” says the Council’s spokesperson.

According to the Evening Standard this comes in the wake of an “ongoing exchange of correspondence between the council and Millwall over the last few weeks about the status of the Millwall youth academy.”

This is the third time a decision has been postponed and follows calls from local Tory politicians for the Mayor and the Communities and Local Government Secretary to intervene and stop the sale which could result in Millwall leaving the area after more than 100 years and moving to Kent.

Millwall’s performance looks to be unaffected by the latest moves however with a win at the Den in their latest home game. The Lions upset Bournemouth with a score of 3-0, securing their place in the next stage of the FA Cup.

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