Woman, 60, faces social media backlash following DLR seat spat

A woman tweeted about ‘inconsiderate youths’ during a DLR journey to Lewisham     Pic: Wikipedia Commons

A woman found herself at the centre of a turbulent Twitter storm on Wednesday (May 17) after using social media to vent her irritation at having to stand on a DLR service to Lewisham while two “inconsiderate youths” occupied priority seats.

Nooraini Mydin, 60, was criticised by Twitter users for posting a picture of herself and the “inconsiderate youths” – two young women – without their consent.

Mydin, who has since deleted the picture, tweeted: “Inconsiderate youths occupying the disabled seat while an elderly woman is standing right in front of them on the DLR to Lewisham.”

Upon seeing the post, some Twitter users were quick to point out there was in fact an empty seat directly behind Mydin, while others reminded her she was wrong and ignorant to assume the ability of the young women.

It isn’t the first time Mydin has taken to social media to report a transport-related issue. Previously she has used Instagram to document her frustration.

Few Twitter users sympathised with Mydin who according to @JaphyRyder_ will “embark upon a trans-continental rail trip” despite being unable to stand.


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