Croydon security officer becomes world champion bodybuilder

Mohammed with his trophy. Pic: Mohammed Basith

A south Croydon bodybuilder became the world champion in drug-free bodybuilding this month.

Mohammed Basith is a natural bodybuilder living in Southbridge Road, Croydon.

Natural bodybuilding is a movement for bodybuilders who abstain from performance-enhancing drugs

The 43-year-old won the National Championships in Birmingham in October, qualifying for the World Championships, held in Miami on November 4.

His dream of becoming a world champion bodybuilder came true when he won first place, beating out contestants from all over the world.

The security officer at Harrods works out six times a week his home gym in a shed at the end of his garden and is affiliated with the BNBF British Natural Bodybuilding Federation.

Mohammed working out. Pic: Mohammed Basith

Growing up as a comic-book hero fan, and having idols like He-Man, Superman and Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was always in Mohammed’s mind to be healthy and fit.

His fascination with body building started when he was 14 and his dad got him a library card with hopes that he would find something academic. However, Mohammed picked up every book on bodybuilding and started working out from there.

It wasn’t until he was 41 that he started to compete in bodybuilding competitions and within just two years has become the world champion.

Speaking to East London Lines he said: “This title was a lifelong dream of mine.”

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