Old Street roundabout development underway this month

Design of the roundabout. Pic: TfL

Old Street roundabout is undergoing building works later this month to be more accessible for pedestrians and bikes.

TfL are working with Hackney and Islington councils on the development which will last until November.

To make the area more accessible for the public, the existing roundabout will be removed and the North-West arm will be made into a public space. There will also be new pedestrian crossings and segregated cycle lanes.

Three of the subway entrances to Old Street station will be closed and replaced with a new main entrance. There will also be a lift taking people down to the station, in place of the subways. The roads will also be made two-way.

The preliminary work has already been underway with the area being assessed and excavated for development until late March.

The development will start on March 18, with the end of Cowper Street being closed for pedestrians so the new entrance for the station can be built.

The second phase of development will begin on March 25 and last until May. This phase will remove the traffic islands from the roundabout.

This will cause little disruption as the works will be carried out from 8:30PM-5:30AM on Monday to Saturday. TfL say they will not make any disruptive noise after midnight. Some bus stops may also be temporarily relocated.

The third and final phase of development will commence in May. This is where the main works will take place.

The South-east arm on the roundabout will be closed, the pedestrian and cycle paths will be made and the new main entrance to the station will be built.

There will be drop-in sessions in St Luke’s Community Centre on March 12 and 14 at 4PM for anyone who would like more details about the scheduled works on the roundabout over the next few months.

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