Mad about Vintage: Celebrating vintage fashion in east London

East London is the vintage fashion hub of the capital. Areas in the East End, such as Brick Lane and Shoreditch, are known for their abundance of vintage shops, boutiques and market stalls.

In our four-day ‘Mad about Vintage’ series, we will be exploring all things vintage in east London, including those who wear vintage clothes everyday, the affordability of vintage fashion, vintage street style, and the best places to shop for vintage garments.

During our research, we found most people in the Eastlondonlines boroughs buy vintage clothes a few times a year and will only spend a maximum of £30-£50 on a singular item. The 1970s was also most people’s favourite era with the fashionable 90s, being a close second.

Find out what market stalls we visited in Brick Lane Pic: Olivia Campbell

Day 1:

Look out for our three ‘My Vintage Life’ stories this week Pics: Olivia Campbell

Day 2:

Find out how you can get your money’s worth Pic: Olivia Campbell

Day 3:

How vintage are you? Our quiz will tell you Pic: Olivia Campbell

Day 4:

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