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Goldsmith students start news website

Goldsmith students start news website

A news service for the communities along the East London Line will be launched this Autumn by students and staff of Goldsmith, University of London. This unique project will tell the people of Croydon what is happening in the bars and clubs of Shoreditch and inform the people of Hackney about work and housing in Crystal Palace.

Goldsmiths lies right in the centre of the line, at New Cross, and students are ideally situated to cover news events in the four boroughs along the line as well as finding out about the people who live there and the events they might enjoy. The site will become an information exchange for business and residents living and working along the line.

Students will work under the supervision of working journalists with experience on national and local newspapers. Project coordinator Angela Phillips, hopes that the project will grow into a full time, year round, news site.

“The idea is to raise money so that students can be paid bursaries to run the site in the holidays”, she said. “ Students too often have to work for free in order to get their start in journalism. We hope to make this a real local news service that pays entry level journalists so that working class young people are no longer excluded from working in the profession.”

All the stories in this ‘dummy’ edition were produced by students on the MA Journalism news course, Autumn 2008.

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