Blunder means man ends up in Oval, not Yeovil

Photo: Oxyman

Oval tube station was the wrong destination Photo: Oxyman

A Croydon man was found walking the platforms in Oval station, yesterday evening, claiming he was trying to visit relatives in Yeovil.

A mistake made by station staff at Waterloo meant he had been directed to East London, not Somerset.

Witness Mischa Crinkle said: “He asked me to spell Yeovil, which I did, he looked dismayed and asked why he’d ended up here in Oval?’.”

A 12-year old dog, Ness accompanied the man, they had been traveling all day when the error occurred.

Crinkle described the pair as “weary travelers”, and explained how the man was confused and tired. She said: “He sent a text to his family and I directed him to where he needed to be.”

Information on the National Rail website states that trains depart from Waterloo to Yeovil every hour.

“He thanked me profusely then went on his way,” Crinkle said: “I hope he got home okay.”

A representative from Network Rail was unavailable for comment.

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