Brothers sentenced to 35 years for gang stabbing

From Left: Derrell and Dwight Callender. Photo: Met Police

From Left: Derrell and Dwight Callender. Photo: Met Police

Two Lewisham brothers have been jailed for a violent gang-related attack on two teenagers, in which both were run over and one stabbed as he lay bleeding on the pavement. The victim is still in a coma eight months later and may never recover.

Derrell Callender, 20, and his brother Dwight, 23, were found guilty on two counts of attempted murder and received sentences of 35 years each at the Old Bailey on Tuesday.

Their attack followed an argument between victims Johnson Ndjoli and Mohammed Turay and a gang to which the Callender brothers belonged. After shots were fired at them, the victims fled to Sandford Street, New Cross.

The Callender brothers gave chase in a white van and crushed 17-year-old Mr Ndjoli against railings. While he lay on the ground they shot him in the chest and stabbed him in the neck. His friend Mr Turay, 19, was also hit by the van, but escaped with minor injuries.

Mr Ndjoli has been unconscious since the attack, which happened on 21 April this year, and police say he is unlikely ever to recover from his injuries.

“This was a particularly tragic case,” investigating officer Detective Sergeant Paul Davis said. “This act was carried out in an organized and brutal manner against a background of gang conflict.”

Deputy Lewisham borough commander Lisa Crook led investigations into the Callender brothers. She said: “These were prominent gang members who believed they were untouchable. It was only when the community started telling us what they were doing that we were able to build enough evidence to bring these men to justice for their crimes.”

In a statement read out in court, Mr Ndjoli’s father said: “I have come to the realisation that I will never again hear my son speak to me. He cannot move, speak, eat or even see, and I will never know if he even realises I am there.”

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