East London Line boroughs think outside the box to beat recession

With the recession biting, unemployment on the rise, house repossessions and iconic local businesses closing, you would be forgiven for thinking that the financial status quo in Britain is bleak.

Despite this fact, it is gratifying to see the ‘green shoots’ of economic recovery appearing in east London’s traditionally deprived boroughs.

In Lewisham this week we report on a number of new businesses that  are fighting the recession, and emerging victorious, using a combination of 21st century weapons and old-fashioned community spirit.

The Brockley Mess, a new café in Lewisham, is just one example of a local business that has employed clever e-marketing tactics to improve their profile in the recession. North of the river, a survey has placed Tower Hamlets in the top three boroughs for potential for economic growth.

These examples indicate that proactive citizens in our East London Line boroughs are thinking outside the box to stay afloat in difficult times.

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