Guys on the Corner

Jonnie and Frank are in Broadway market every week

Jonnie and Frank perform in Broadway market Photo: Emily Jupp

Jonnie Palmer (guitar) and Frank Bamchereau (saxophone) are Guys on the Corner. They used to play at opposite ends of Broadway Market, but three weeks ago they met in the middle and decided to form a duo.

ELL: Are you glad you found each other?

Palmer: “It’s going well … It was a meeting of minds really, a bit of a happy coincidence that we came together. But Broadway Market is one of those places that bring people together. It’s quite a trendy area and its great to be part of it.”

ELL: Have you had any gigs since becoming a duo?

Bamchereau: “We played at Off Broadway (a bar on Broadway market) and it was a lovely atmosphere, like a jazz bar, really dark and atmospheric and great acoustics.”

Palmer: “A guy dropped his business card in our guitar case, he has some bars all around London so you might be seeing us at a few more gigs!”

Catch Guys on the Corner on the corner of Broadway Market every Saturday.

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