Hackney council consider ‘Booze Ban’

The scheme has worked well in other areas

Bans have been a success in other areas Photo: Newham Council

Hackney council is asking residents to decide whether or not the borough’s controversial ‘booze ban’ should go ahead as planned.

The Controlled Drinking Area would give police the power to confiscate alcohol from those causing trouble in streets, parks and open spaces across the borough. This has already met with fierce opposition from civil liberties groups branding it ‘heavy handed’ and ‘authoritarian’.

Now the council are conducting an online survey of Hackney’s residents and retailers, to determine whether or not the public would welcome the increase of police power in the fight against anti-social drinking.

CDAs have already been introduced in the neighbouring boroughs of Lambeth and Stratford where, police say, they have dramatically reduced the number of alcohol-related incidents on the streets. However, Hackney police are keen to stress that their powers are not aimed at responsible adults wishing to enjoy ‘a glass of wine or a pint in the park’.

Members of the public have until December 24 to express their views. The council will then have three months to consult any affected land owners and licensed premises before making a final decision.

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