Jarvis Cocker jams with public at event

Javis Cocker jams in public. Photo: Emily Jupp

Jarvis Cocker at the Village Underground Photo: Emily Jupp

Jarvis Cocker invited members of the public to jam with him in Hackney at an impromptu performance on Tuesday morning.

Cocker was rehearsing at The Village Underground, where members of the public were invited to bring instruments and join in.

Pear Chim-Ma, 19, and Sophie Adams, 21, both dancers from South London, came to join in.

Ms Adams said: “We read an interview with Jarvis in NME and he said if you can dance please come and help choreograph to the music.”

“His music is good to dance to, it’s easy to choreograph contemporary dance to it. So hopefully we can get the people who have turned up today to get involved.”

When Cocker asked: “Does anyone here play an instrument?” a young boy’s hand shot up. Cocker gave him a maraca and he joined in with the jamming session.

“People are shy – it’s a pity not more people brought instruments,” said Ms Chim-Ma.

Cocker has just completed a residency in Shoreditch as part of his initiative to involve more people in collaborative art, and this week he is inviting artists dancers and musicians to join him at the arts space.

The Pulp frontman originally started his art residencies in Paris at the Galerie Chappe where he and members of his band set up shop in the gallery in May.

“We thought we’d come down here to choreograph something – you can choreograph to the music because it’s contemporary dance,” said Ms Adams.

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