Recycling robot makes debut at bonfire night

Recycling robot terrifies revelers Photo: Emily Jupp

Recycling robot terrifies revelers Photo: Emily Jupp

Bonfire night revellers got more than they bargained for on Saturday night, as a giant robot stalked the grounds of Victoria Park at the Tower Hamlets free fireworks.

The robot was commissioned by the council to promote recycling, but seemed to enjoy chasing the children at the park more than imparting its eco-message. The 4 metre tall binbot, constructed from purple recycling bins, is officially entitled “Mr Recycle More” and is part of Tower Hamlets’ ongoing recycling scheme.

He was accompanied by a soundtrack made from the noises of a rubbish tip, spoke about recycling and quoted film clips from Star Wars and comic actor Terry Thomas. Mr Recycle More was designed by Gordon Allum and Mike Pattison of Emergency Exit Arts

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