Snap it up: polaroid art shop at Broadway Market

Jennifer Evans. Photos Emily Jupp

Jennifer Evans. Photo: Emily Jupp

Ever since Polaroid announced they were going to stop producing instant film last year, the market has seen a renaissance in Polaroid photography.

This month Summit Global Group announced a five-year licensing deal for the brand and says Polaroid film and cameras will return to the shelves in 2010. Despite it’s guaranteed continuation, Polaroid photography is now a very popular commodity.

Fernanda Montoro and Jennifer Evans run the Polaroid Shop, which consists of an online shop and a stall at Broadway Market selling their work – all taken in Polaroid.

Ms Evans said: “Ever since I was a little kid I used Polaroid. I love the sense of holding something in your hands, a physical thing, something that’s one of a kind. And to watch it come to life before your eyes – that’s magic.”

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