Emin lends helping handwriting to Tower Hamlets Amnesty


Artist Tracey Emin. Photo: Piers Allardyce

She may be incapable of making her bed, but artist Tracey Emin made a tidy sum for Tower Hamlets Amnesty group this afternoon.

They sold a signed notebook donated by the artist herself on Ebay to help raise money for Amnesty International.

“I used to have such a good imagination” is scrawled along the front of the notebook, which sold for £31.

It features her handwriting throughout and is a limited edition – Tate modern sells the notebook without an autograph.

Ms Emin lives in the East End, near Spitalfields, and is a famous advocate for the area. She rocketed to fame in 1999 when her artwork, My Bed, was featured in the Turner Prize. The piece consisted of an unmade bed with various items strewn around, including vodka bottles, condoms and underwear.

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