A visit to Wilton’s Café, new home to London Fields Radio

Wilton's Cafe. Photo: Clare Finney

Wilton's Cafe. Photo: Clare Finney

Nestled away just moments away from the bright lights of Hackney Empire, Wilton’s Café isn’t just a coffee-lovers dream; it’s a ‘mini radio revolution’.

The café, which is independently owned and totally organic, will also be  hosting a community radio station from next week. With its jazzy interior, local produce, freshly roasted coffee and specialist shows on culture, entertainment, and good music, Wilton’s and London Fields Radio caters for all senses.

East London Lines spoke to Matthew Doran from Wilton’s.

ELL: So how long have you been here in Wilton Way?

Matthew: About 5 weeks. We didn’t put out many press releases, but it’s been busy. I think because we use Climpson and Sons [coffee suppliers] in Broadway Market, people hear about it in the coffee world.

ELL: Why here?

Matthew: David the owner bought the building two years ago with the idea of making the café. One of our aims is to bring small businesses to Wilton Way, because it’s a nice place and since the post office closed down all the shops have been closing. You can see it all long here. It’s a quiet street and there’s not been much trade and one of the ideas is to encourage people to do things like this. Already people are finding about this café, already it’s busier. I think people will catch on to it.

ELL: Does that mean supporting local suppliers?

Matthew: We use as many local suppliers as possible – from Borough Market, Neals Yard cheese. We get cakes from a local person. We try not to buy anything from big chains and keep it as small business orientated as possible.

ELL: I love all the quirky, ‘recycled’ décor. Who’s the inspiration behind this?

Matthew: The café was designed by a guy called Vishal Gohel who runs a shop just off Broadway canal. The corrugated iron pods and crate seats were all his idea.

ELL: What’s the best thing Wilson has to offer?

Matthew: Hmm, the avocado’s quite nice, that’s becoming our trade mark dish, it’s very popular. Also the anchovies on toast; if you like that sort of thing this one of the best that you can get. It’s an aquired taste though.

ELL: And yours is a . . ?

Matthew: Flat white. It’s an antipodean drink, similar to an espresso with a layer of hot milk at the top.

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