Bonnie Greer blogs against prejudice

Fighting against racism. Photo- Emily Jupp

Fighting against racism. Photo- Emily Jupp

The American writer and academic who opposed Nick Griffin on Question Time has announced plans to set up a blog to combat prejudice and lies in the media.

Speaking in Hackney on Wednesday night, Bonnie Greer said: “Lies are easy to correct, you just check the facts and it’s easy. The problem is that I am in the position to say it, to contradict the lies, but they don’t always ask me…So I’m going to start a blog.”

The blog would act as a mouthpiece for Ms Greer to comment and correct what she regards as derisory or false statements, particularly those in the media spotlight.

At the event Ms Greer spoke about her love of Stoke Newington, which was the first place she lived when she arrived in London. She also recalled looking at images of Brixton and wanting to experience it first-hand.  She said: “The city of London is completely wild, you can’t control it…I dreamt about Jazz in Soho, I dream about Brixton…I love the transgressions the English make as a natural part of their culture…I love the anarchy.”

Greer also took the opportunity to hit out against politicians, saying: “I think our so-called leaders live in a Victorian age, and they are constantly trying to tame us, constantly trying to tie us down, constantly trying to fit us into allotments. London simply can’t do that, it washes over it, it recreates…and the object of multiculturalism is to me is [this] fractalisation and morphing.”

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