Crime reducing initiatives over Christmas

Police join forces with the community to reduce crime. Photo: Susannah Law

Police working to reduce crime. Photo: Susannah Taw

Boroughs along the East London Line have launched a range of initiatives to reduce crime over the festive season.

Hackney, Lewisham, Tower Hamlets, and Croydon are saying the new campaigns will ensure party- goers enjoy a safe Christmas.

Hackney goes retro

“Hackney Say Relax” a creative programme on the streets of Shoreditch, includes the “Hackney Hosts”, retro young men and women riding scooters who will hand out safety information and “Shhh” lollypops to encourage revellers to keep quiet.

The council say the number of visitors hitting the streets of Shoreditch increases by almost a third during December.

Cllr Alan Laing, Hackney council cabinet member said the retro theme is “mainly just for fun but also because we want people to enjoy Hackney while keeping good old fashioned safety in mind.”

In another scheme, doormen at pubs and clubs can radio concerns about trouble makers to both council and police, who will use CCTV to track any problems.

Police officers and councillors in Lewisham launched their crime fighting partnership at Lewisham Shopping Centre last week. Residents received advice, and were given attachable jingle bells so that the owner will be alerted to pick pockets.

In Brick Lane police officers will hand out leaflets to women alerting them to the dangers of drinking and becoming a victim of sexual assault.

“Think Safe Drink Safe”

An emphasis has also been placed on the consumption of alcohol. Croydon Council, is in its sixth year of the successful high- profile campaign, “Think Safe Drink Safe”. See below for a video report on Croydon’s initiative.

In a London-wide campaign, officers will carry out a series of patrols and roadside operations, testing for drink and drugs. They will be equipped with electronic screening devices capable of recording information which will provide a clearer profile of offenders in the future.

The four boroughs along the East London Line account for 12.2 per cent of drink drive arrests in London over the last year, with a combined total of 1788.

Chief Superintendent, David Snelling said: “Drink and drug drivers not only do they risk arrest and imprisonment, they are also putting themselves and the lives of others at danger.”

Phil Newman, a pub manager in Croydon, told ELL that although the alcohol prevention initiatives are good, they “would also be beneficial during other busy periods, like Easter and Bank Holidays.”

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