East End babies go green

700, 000 tonnes of disposable nappies are dumped each year. Photo: Steph Laing

700, 000 tonnes of disposable nappies are dumped each year. Photo: Steph Laing

Real Nappies for London invited Tower Hamlets residents to their second Nappucino event last week.

A Nappucino is an event hosted by a local nappy retailer that allows parents to make an informed purchase in a cosy, caffeine fuelled environment. Nappucinos are held in Hackney and Lewisham on a monthly basis.

Real Nappies for London organises a range of activities including Nappy Natters and Nappy Demos – meetings where users of cloth diapers swap tips and demonstrate best practice to the newly converted. The events are designed to encourage and inform parents in the use of cloth nappies and reduce the use of disposable ones.

David Brinson, the nappy officer at Lewisham council, explained how nappy liners are flushed down the toilet so parents don’t have to deal with solids. He said: “They are not as scary as they used to be, and by flushing away the liner, soiled nappies are not hanging around in the bin.”

The Croydon Real Nappy Network whose motto is: “Saving the planet from the bottom up,” take part in a free, monthly, parents evening at Mayday hospital. They demonstrate how to use cloth diapers to expectant parents.

The groups offer a genuine way for families to save money and reduce their household waste.

According to the Waste & Resources Action Programme around 700,000 tonnes of disposable nappies are thrown away every year. They would like to see that number reduced.

Clare Usher at WRAP said: “Reusable nappies have the lowest carbon footprint. Ultimately, the type of nappy that parents decide to use is a matter of personal choice.”

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