Faster than a speeding javelin


The brand new Javelin train. All aboard! Photo: mattbuck

A high-speed ‘Javelin’ train, which will be used to transport Olympic athletes between King’s Cross and Stratford, went into service on Sunday.

The country’s fastest commuter train will shuttle passengers between central London and the main Olympic site in just 7 minutes. The train will travel at speeds of up to 140mph, emulating the streamlined velocity of Japanese ‘bullet’ trains. It is scheduled to run in both directions every 6 minutes.

The trains will also run from King’s Cross to Ashford, helping commuters in Kent and the South East who will benefit from another convenient and efficient route into central London.

Each train consists of 12 carriages and at full capacity, is capable of shuttling 348 passengers. Operator Southeastern has spent more than £250 million on a fleet of 29 trains.

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