‘Pulling’ tips for a cracking christmas


The cracker battle can be won - if you know how to pull correctly

For all those who never seem to triumph in the cracker battle over the yuletide dinner table, there will be joy on earth, as experts have discovered a winning formula for pulling a Christmas cracker.

The equation, which mathematicians revealed as O = 11x C/L + 5xQ was found by analyzing the optimum downwards angle for pulling the cracker (O), circumference of the barrel (C), length of the barrel (L), and quality of the cracker (Q).

However, seasoned pullers must be aware that there are changeable factors for the experiment and should take into account the cracker’s geometry and its material. Pricier crackers are often made from stronger material, which experts say will increase the optimum angle of pull.

Mathematicians from Debenhams cracked the formula; “It’s human nature to want to win, and pulling a cracker is a competition like any other,” said Debenhams’ spokesperson Carie Barkhuizen. “Success is mainly down to the angle, grip, cracker size and ‘lines of failure’ or where the cracker is likely to tear.”

According to the  maths boffins, Q has a value of 1, 2 or 3 depending whether the cracker is cheap, standard or premium. The formula should produce a figure between 20 and 55 degrees, which is the optimum pulling angle.

Pullers are advised to start limbering up their pulling muscles to avoid common injuries such as pinkie cramp and paper (hat) cuts.

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