Ready? Take tree deep breaths

Broken trees have feelings too. Photo: Laurie Whitwell

Broken trees have feelings too. Photo: Laurie Whitwell

Trees were sprouting all over Tower Hamlets this week as part of countrywide activities for National Tree week.

Tower Hamlets Homes joined a campaign called Tree O’clock organised by BBC Breathing Spaces. Residents planted trees at six locations in the borough in an attempt to break a world record for native trees planted by hand in an hour.

Roy MacPepple, Architect Sustainability & Biodiversity Coordinator at Tower Hamlets Homes said attempting to break the world record was a good excuse to have fun and plant a tree. He said: “It will help improve local environment and increase local biodiversity.”

He added that the new saplings will need TLC in their first year but local groups and residents could make an adoption by contacting him.

On Saturday, Museum Gardens played host to a tree dressing event where members of the public made tree decorations from recycled materials with the help of Community Park rangers.

Finally, to celebrate the end of Tree Week, Cllr Abdal Ullah planted a London Plane tree on Wednesday in Paradise Gardens. He announced that 340 more trees will be planted to make the borough greener in the coming months.

He said: “They [trees] are packed with benefits … They reduce carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, create wildlife habitats, provide shelter, shade and much more.”

The London Plane, which originates from Spain, will join other species including Birch, Crab Apple, Sweet Chestnut and Liquid Ambers which will be planted to create green corridors for wildlife between parks and open spaces.

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