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Events across East London will offer free health checks Photo: Paloma Home Health Agency

Events across East London will offer free health checks Photo: Paloma Home Health Agency

Hackney residents were given the chance to express their vision for the future of healthcare yesterday.

The Health for North East London Roadshow began at Homerton hospital, where locals were able to gather information about how to live healthy lifestyles, and find out where they can turn to in times of bad health. Yesterday’s event saw 500 people answer questionnaires which Hackney Primary Care Trust will use to make changes within the borough’s healthcare.

The roadshow aims to transform health services across the North East London, with events taking place in Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham and Redbridge. Those who come along to the events will be encouraged to have their say on how they want health care to change in their communities.

Local resident Anna Komorovski said: “I’m really grateful for services like this. It’s pretty good to know that you can have some say over what’s going on in your local hospitals, especially when you have young children.”

Dr May Cahill, Chair of The Commissioning Clinical Executive Committee for the NHS City and Hackney said:

“We want people to hear what locals have to say because we are absolutely committed to improving care for them and their families in the future. We hope that local people will give us their views and help us to improve local health services for years to come.”

The roadshow will improve health services by moving complex care onto fewer sites. Clinicians believe the most specialist area should be concentrated on just two sites, Whitechapel and Queen’s Hospital Romford.

There is also a drive to improve both A&E, maternity, and children’s services, with Homerton and Newham hospitals offering 24/7 children’s assessment and treatments services.

The PCT also intends to build an urgent care service at King George’s Hospitals, which would treat up to 75 per cent of patients that are currently being treated in A&E, and lessen the strain on the emergency services.

The Health Roadshow will be running until March 8 2010.

For more information on events in your area log on to www.health4nel.nhs.uk

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