And Finally…

Bedroom and en-suite in The Clearview mini-mansion.   Photo: MIAIM

Bedroom and en-suite in The Clearview mini-mansion Photo: MIAIM

It is commonly said that we are living in a small world. Designer Elaine Shaw from Brockley, South East London has just created an even smaller one.

Reverting to the style of Victorian dolls house traditions, Elaine has created a miniature hi-tech property, with all the mod cons that are part of our lives in the twenty-first century.

She says: ‘We have celebrated the Victorian era for so long and I think it’s time we started celebrating modern design. We all have iPods, YouTube and digital TV in our homes and I want to be able to bring that into the doll’s house.’

Elaine has named the house Clearview, it is the first of a series of homes that she has designed for her company Miam.

Clearview stands at 79cm (31in) high and boasts six luxury rooms. Potential tiny residents would enjoy a bedroom with an en-suite, glass sliding doors leading onto a balcony and a fully equipped kitchen to prepare for guests, who would naturally enjoy eating at a chic dining table, laden with roses and miniature crockery.

If only The Borrowers were still around now; their dreams have finally been answered.

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