Public urged to donate wage to help homeless

Thames Reach can tailor their services for people like Gedfew

Thames Reach can tailor their services for people like Gedfew

As the festive season winds down, London-based charity Thames Reach is calling on the public to remember those left most exposed to potentially fatal freezing temperatures.

The charity is urging people to donate the last hour’s salary of the decade to help homeless people via outreach programmes and other services.

The money will help vulnerable people find accommodation including hostels and supported housing projects for individuals with drug and alcohol problems. Thames Reach also do work to reunite families affected by homelessness.

Outreach work takes place on all four boroughs along the East London Line. This involves staff and volunteers going out every night to find and help rough sleepers off the streets and into accommodation.

Thames Reach Chief Executive Jeremy Swain, said: “Never have we needed the support of the public more that at this time when the recession is biting deep. We work with many people who are desperately struggling to keep their heads above water.”

Last year the charity helped support over 7,400 homeless and vulnerable people across London.

Donations can be made from the charity’s website which includes a calculator to help people easily work out their hourly rate of pay. Donors can remain anonymous or keep the amount they earn invisible from other people accessing the Just Giving donation site.

A Facebook button has also been set up which people can add to their sites once they have made a donation.

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