Hackney residents meet to help save the planet

Environmental campaigners held a public meeting in Hackney to discuss ways residents can help contribute to reducing carbon emissions locally.

The meeting took place last Thursday and was organized by Dave Raval, parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats in Hackney and south Shoreditch. It formed part of a series of meetings aimed at getting professional speakers to share practical ways to improve community life in the borough.

Mr Raval said: “After Copenhagen, more than ever before, it is important for the community to get together to share their knowledge to help us reach a ten percent decrease in emissions by 2010.”

Cutting edge innovator Thor Hedrickson unveiled his new invention, the ReGen, a device that helps save energy in buildings and is specifically designed to fit into the chimneys of older houses. Mr Hendrickson went on to urge citizens of Hackney to limit their impact on the environment.

“Residents must realize that the carbon emissions caused by loss of heat in the UK account for 5 per cent [of total emissions], which is even higher than the aviation industry, which accounts for 3 per cent,” he said. “Yet nobody is really paying attention to this because you cannot see it.”

Joe Jordan, who lives in Hackney, told East London Lines: “This open meeting has made me realise that I have to improve my ventilation system to reduce my carbon footprint.”

“It is very important for the community to act as a watchdog of the council and hold them accountable for the targets they set,” he added.

Bringing the event to a close, Councillor Alexis Rowel, leader for Camden Council’s environmental policy, offered residents four simple steps to take action.

“It is important for individuals to understand that the best way to help the environment is through community action,” said Cllr Rowel. “Get together with a few friends, learn a skill like insulating windows, save the planet, and have fun while you do it!”

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